Artisan L'uxe Beauty


1. Into the Lab

Ethically Speaking

Artisan L'uxe offers a truly progressive approach to beauty and wellness, combining high-performance science with globally-sourced botanicals to create a truly luxurious experience. Result-driven, Artisan L'uxe is setting new standards of purity, honesty and efficacy, for an audience that expects and demands it.

It's every woman's right to be beautiful.

Artisan L'uxe is a convergence of the innovative technology and the organic infusions that help to remedy the skin, delight the senses, calm the mind and lift the spirit.  Product engineer Sue DeVitt's Bio-Beauty line is a collection of never-to-market, youth-empowering formulas that are high in nutrient content and skin-strengthening vitamins and minerals. Ceramides, Hyaluronic acid, and Matrixyl 3000 complexes help skin recover on a cellular level. Barbary figue, argan oil, rose, jasmine and orange blossom oils nurture and protect from environmental stress. Together these active and soothing ingredients can noticably transform your skin in days and deliver unsurpassed results within two weeks.

2. Performance

This is Bio-Beauty - Behind the Beautiful.

The Back Story

Artisan L’uxe brings its consumers a potent and highly-stable product from a consistent and reliable source. Each ingredient has the maximum capacity to perform the function for which it was chosen.

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We are committed to a sustainable society. Our organic infusions are globally-sourced, wildly grown, and tenderly harvested – at their peak. From Africa to Australia, to the deep jungles of the Amazon, these natural oils provide powerful anti-aging and healing properties direct from Mother Earth.

We Believe in efficacy–

We do not conform to trends for the sake of trying to push the envelope. Our mission is to deliver high performance, organically-infused bio-beauty that responds to a real and immediate need.

Artisan L'uxe conducts integrative research + development in collaboration with the world's top cosmetic formulators in New York, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Korea, before any new product is launched. This ensures our collections of bio-beauty choices are as ethical and functional as they are transformational and L'uxe.