Artisan L'uxe Beauty
This is Bio-Beauty - Behind the Beautiful.

This is Bio-Beauty - Behind the Beautiful.


by Judd Franklin
Nov 12, 2018

We are committed to a sustainable society. Our organic infusions are globally-sourced, wildly grown, and tenderly harvested – at their peak. From Africa to Australia, to the deep jungles of the Amazon, these natural oils provide powerful anti-aging and healing properties direct from Mother Earth.

We Believe in efficacy–

We do not conform to trends for the sake of trying to push the envelope. Our mission is to deliver high performance, organically-infused bio-beauty that responds to a real and immediate need.

Artisan L'uxe conducts integrative research + development in collaboration with the world's top cosmetic formulators in New York, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Korea, before any new product is launched. This ensures our collections of bio-beauty choices are as ethical and functional as they are transformational and L'uxe.